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Life Navigation/Coaching Vs. Psychotherapy

by Linda Kottler, MA, JD 


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LIFE NAVIGATION, also called LIFE COACHING, has become increasingly recognized as a valuable service to help guide people through life situations and life choices.  How does it differ from psychotherapy?

While psychotherapy helps resolve intra-psychic conflict by understanding the self better, LIFE NAVIGATION/COACHING helps deal with life situations by understanding the situation better and making good pragmatic choices.  There is an emphasis on problem-solving and setting future goals.  The NAVIGATOR/COACH takes a very ACTIVE role in the life navigation process, unlike psychotherapy which generally avoids giving concrete advice.

LIFE NAVIGATORS/COACHES have backgrounds which may include legal training, teaching, business, or psychology.  They draw on their educational backgrounds and life experience to serve the needs of their clients.

Some key issues of LIFE NAVIGATION/COACHING are:

1.  Assessing the situation 

2.  Learning to navigate a relationship, business or personal

3.  Learning to choose a more productive path through life


Explore LIFE NAVIGATION/COACHING and obtain help with:



Family situations  -  Relationships  -  Friendships  -  Meeting Mr.(Ms.) "right"  -   Work - dealing with the boss, 

co-workers, and the job itself  -  Time Management - Career burn-out  -  Boredom



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For LIFE NAVIGATION/COACHING call 818-991-8376 - ask for LINDA

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