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About the Depression Self-Test


The Self-Test consists of TEN True/False questions and should take only a few minutes to complete.  It is adapted from the criteria for "Major Depressive Disorder" in the "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders -- 4th Ed.  

For each question, enter a "1" if the statement is true and a "0" if false, in the dialog box at the top of the screen.  (Make sure the window is open to full screen and move the dialog box to the upper left corner if necessary).

Once you click the "START" button below, you cannot quit the test until you have answered all TEN questions.  The conclusion will appear after the final question (you may have to scroll down the page).  

IMPORTANT ADVISORY:  Depression is a serious medical condition which can only be definitively diagnosed and treated by a psychiatrist, other physician, or other mental health specialist.  It is possible that this test may not indicate depression, when in fact you do have some form of serious depression.  This self-test is no substitute for consultation with a mental health professional.   Click start to acknowledge that you have read this advisory and to begin the self-test.