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This is probably one of life's most frustrating challenges.

For some this challenge resolves early in life, meeting someone at school or work.  For many, the frustration increases with each passing year.  Often the environment at work or home can be isolating, further decreasing the probability of meeting someone.  

These days people often marry later.  As we get older there are often fewer opportunities to meet someone.  We often become more defined and less flexible in our interests and more rigid in our expectations.  Time may be running out to have a family.  

Society has devised various solutions:

        1 - Arranged marriages - mostly abandoned in non-Western cultures 

        2 - The "blind date" - arranged by a mutual friend

        3 - Match-making services

        4 - Computer Match - ", e-Harmony, and many others, often catering to special demographics

        5 - Various "singles" groups held at churches and in the community at large and...speed dating!


Many times these efforts at bringing people together fail - for various reasons:

        1 - Falsifying the "resume"

        2 - Unrealistic expectations

        3 - Family pressures

        4 - Psychological issues - e.g. difficulty with intimacy, over-dependency, problems separating from family

        5 - Personality issues making it difficult to "get along" with another person

       6 - Other psychiatric issues, such as depression, anxiety disorders, OCD, and substance abuse


So What is Left to Do?

After months (years?) without success, try the following:

Consult a therapist or life coach re:  "unrealistic expectations," psychological issues, self-sabotge


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Appointments:   818-991-8376