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Psychiatrix interpretation of common standards:


8 glasses (of water) a day  -  Not based on any scientific evidence--why not 7 or 9...what about your size.

3 meals a day  -  A concession to the modern workplace.   Six meals a day (or five or seven) probably maintains better blood glucose levels.

8-1/2" by 11" paper -  Why that extra 1/2".

26 oz. wine bottle  -  Too much for an abstemious couple to share and still drive home safely.

4 years of college   -  2 years would more than suffice, if we eliminate drugs and alcohol, and long-winded professors.

40 hour work week  -  40 has biblical roots - e.g.  forty years in the desert, forty days of rain, forty lashes.  (Curiously, these were all punishments!)

2-day weekend  -  One day to play and one day to pray?

"Qwerty" keyboard  -  Invented by orthopedic surgeons(?).  It leads to carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive stress injuries.


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Apointments:  818-991-8376